The Editor's Letter

Welcome to the annual ‘The September Issue’ for 2019. The month of September is an exciting one in the fashion world; we’re still living off the high of summer, the new season is hitting the shops and the designers are showcasing their new collections. 

I have taken the last two years off for ‘The September Issue’ but I enjoy concepting and creating this so much, it had to come back for 2019. The fashion world is so new and exciting in September; this is our new year and fresh start and boy have I got a lot for you!

Scroll down below to see the fabulous editorials we created for this website, read all about the latest trends for autum/winter, some specially created articles for you to enjoy and see extra content that will drop this month. 

Not every section will be released at once, so scroll over an image and find out when it’s going to drop on this website. Don’t forget to check back often and enjoy all that we have for you!

Franzi xx

The Cover

The Editorials

Below is a list of the fashion editorials created for The September Issue. They will be released in order.

A Dark Romance
Bourgeois Girl
An Isolated Land
The Heritage Trail
Hell for Leather


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Hell for Leather VLOG part 1

This VLOG will go into depth how to concept and research your trends, create an editorial story and how to find the perfect location.

Hell for Leather VLOG part 2

In the second VLOG of the series, we will look into the hair and make-up and the outfit choices for the Hell for Leather shoot.

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Hell for Leather VLOG part 3

In the third of the Hell for Leather VLOG series, we will look at the behind-the-scenes of the shoot itself and a summary and outcome.

Hell for Leather Make-up tutorial

In this extra video, I go through the steps taken to create the make-up for the Hell for Leather shoot and what beauty products I used. 

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The Articles

A Look Back at the Fashion Industry in the Last Decade

The last decade has seen massive change in the fashion industry. In this insightful article, we track the big changes, good and bad that happened in the fashion world over the last 10 years. From the recession to the rise of influencers, we track it all.

Coming soon!

The Rise of Jacquemus

The Trends

The definitive top 10 guide of the autumn/winter fashion trends to watch out for, and where to find them.

The definitive list of the hottest accessories trends for autumn/winter, and where on the high street you’ll find them.

The Fashion Charts

It’s the autumn/winter season’s ‘The Fashion Charts’, showcasing a top 10 list of what is hot and what is not in the fashion world!

The Instagrammers to Watch


These are the top Instagrammers to watch out for for fashion month, because of their enviable style, access to the most exclusive shows and parties and their drool-worthy lives.